Breeding and Show

Our story into the world of  Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs.

   The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (ABBB) was love at first sight for me! I was thinking about an American Bulldog and while sitting in line at the bank, stumbled across an amazing, reddish brown merle bulldog puppy aptly named “Famous,” and her parents, “Halo” and “Sugar.” At first I was blown away by the looks! Muscled, athletic, leggy bulldogs that came in merle patterns? I immediately wanted one! I did hours and hours of research, and looked through an unusually diverse looking group of dogs, who all claimed to be ABBB. Logically, my next step was to find out why there were so many variations. So, I said to myself, “Look into the origin of the breed, maybe there’s answers there.” To my surprise and dismay, I quickly learned that there are many conflicting stories as to the origin of the breed and what lines are original and what lines aren’t. This led me to the realization that it really didn’t matter where the breed history had been, but more where the breed is now. 

   I then spent weeks and weeks obsessively going through any website or Facebook group I could find on ABBB’s, looking for things I liked and things I didn’t and just trying to make sense of all the registries for the Alapaha Blue Blood.  

   Eventually my head was so jumbled, I had to reset my perspective and start back at square one, with the dogs that stood out the most to me from the start. Asylums Angels repeating the breeding of the first ABBB I laid eyes on so I figured it must be fate. I put down my deposit on the litter: The sire was Pachos Halo’s Prodigy of Asylum and the dam was CRK’s Brown Sugar n Spice II of Asylum. To this day, I have zero regrets my decision was a good one!! It goes to show that often “gut instinct” goes a long way as he has achieved both Puppy and Adult Grand Champion title in conformation, and all of possible Breed Standard Tests, called BST’s: BST, BST1, and BST2. Not to mention being the 2016 ABBA High Point Leader, a loyal protector, and the goofiest best friend I have ever had! 

   During puppy selection, the breeder was very helpful, even though she was all the way in Ontario, Canada. She had a dog trainer evaluate the puppies for me and narrow down which ones had the confidence and drive level I was looking for! We then had a credible outsider pick which was best on body structure alone. The pick just happened to be merle, to our great delight! His name became Asylums, Jack the Jester, but we call him Jester for short. We have been given loads of good advice from his breeder over the years, and he even got a chance to compete against his father, Multi GrCH “Halo.” When we won, his breeder was happier than we were, even though she had just lost. It might be strange but the reason is: She aimed to produce better than she had and she had met her goal. This was inspiring to us and so we vowed to breed by the same values. For the betterment of the breed.  

    Jester was the 1st, but a year later we got our little bully girl, GGK’s Trouble and then the next year MBK’s Bayou Lena. They are all amazing dog both on the inside and out, and I now see why the people that love ABBB’s, love them so much! Gentle but Rough, Strong but Sweet, Protective but Friendly, Smart but Compliant. And the versatility of this breed!! They can do agility, specific odor detection, ground disturbance tracking, protection sports, and even herding, on top of being great dogs for hog hunting or just as great family pets! 

   Proving Ground Canines breeding program will be focusing on both the working aspects of this breed and show ring conformation. We will strive to pair the right dog with the right home and will use our knowledge of dog training to help select and breed both solid working bulldogs and beautiful family protectors in the same package.