About us: We are a small, home based dog training business operating out of St. Clair, Missouri. We strive to not only teach your dog the skills it needs, but also to teach our clients how to manage and, more importantly, understand their canine companions. Our goal is to produce obedient dogs who happily comply to their owners requests, and owners with the skills to no longer need our services. 

The owner learns: 1) Understanding and utilizing the three basic principles of dog training; Timing, Motivation, and Consistency. 2) How to properly mark and reward your dog when it’s offering the behaviors you like and how to properly mark correct and incorrect moments in time, how to correct negative behaviors, and replace them with desired ones! 3) How to build a respectful, fun, and engaging relationship between you and your dog. 4) How to build your dogs confidence by setting your dog up for success in training. 5) How to strengthen you and your dogs bond, helping you become more of a team. 


The dog learns what these markers mean……

FREE– free from command, do as you like

GOOD-We like what you are doing, food or other reward is on the way 

NO-stop what you are doing.

YES!!!– Great job, free from command, come get a higher value reward

.….And what these basic commands mean*

SIT– with stay implied

DOWN– with stay implied 

HEEL– attentive loose leash walking at slow, medium and fast pace, with the dog automatically siting when you stop. 

CLIMB– Sometimes called “place,” the dog is taught to stay until otherwise commanded on a raised platform with clear, visible boundaries such as a pet cot, park bench, truck bed, etc. 

COME-Come to front of owner and sit.

BREAKTIME  Go to bathroom on command. As silly as it may sound, it’s a really handy skill for a dog to have, especially for owners on a tight schedule or for ones that have a certain area of the yard they want their pups to go in.

OUT-Release what they are holding.

…..And can even learn advanced skills**

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE: Attention heel, long sits and downs with handler out of sight, directional send outs, some tricks, and mo

FORCE FREE RETRIEVE: Basic fetch for fun or purpose.

FORCED RETRIEVE: Reliable retrieve for when you absolutely need your dog to perform.   

SPECIFIC ODOR DETECTION/INDICATION: We can teach you and your dog “nose games” for fun or for a purpose! Used for more than just police work and hunting, it’s also a great way to mentally stimulate your dog while playing a hide and go seek style game with them! 

PROTECTION SPORTS: For those dogs (and owners) who like to play a little rough, we harness the dogs natural want to chase and catch prey. We can help with building prey drive, puppy imprinting, getting a full bite or fixing a chewy one, targeting, send outs, etc…

*All command names can be substituted upon request to better fit your individual needs. 

**Advanced skills may require basic obedience and not all dogs may be good for all advanced skills, so results will vary if working against the dogs natural abilities. (We will gladly help find your dogs strong suits though!) 


  1. IN HOME BOARD AND TRAIN: (2 week minimum stay) We treat your dog like family while we lay a solid foundation for obedience and then show you show to maintain it. The dog will learn faster while immersed in a training environment but here they will have many of the comforts of home and individual attention that your dog may not be able to get from large facilities. B&T comes with 5 one-on-one sessions with your dog per day, 7 days a week, for the duration of your dogs stay. B&T packages come with two separate, one hour follow up lessons, one when your dog first goes back home with you, and another within the next two months to help refresh and maintain you and your dogs skills, or even to get guidance with new activities or help with new issues that may have arisen. We use Bil-Jak frozen food as a training treat, but substitutions can be made at owners expense. Dogs must be crate trained or willing to, for their safety throughout their stay. Special needs or requests for dogs can be arranged as well, but are taken on a case by case basis. Dogs may be also taken off premises, but only with owners written consent, to work with new distractions and help generalize the training to new places. Call (636) 629-9969 for more info!
  2. PRIVATE LESSONS: Either in your home or a setting of your choosing. We teach not only technique, but the theories behind them, allowing you to take the knowledge and apply it to your everyday interactions with your dog. Exercises for you and your dog will be “assigned” to help you progress your pup throughout the weeks. A great way to learn how you can enjoy your dog more! Also works great for follow up training after a Board and Train program!  Could be the perfect choice for a motivated, engaged owner who would rather do the work with their own dogs themselves. Call (636) 629-9969 for more info! 
  3. FINDING THE RIGHT DOG FOR YOU: There are just as many differences (if not more) between individual dogs within a breed as there are differences between all the breeds. This means that not all dogs are going to match the breeds description and you could end up with the right breed, but the wrong individual dog for your household. We can help you pick the right puppy for your lifestyle out of a litter or the right dog of any age out of a shelter, rescue, or pet adoption event.  We have a series of tests we can perform on puppies to help give us an idea of what kind of adult it will be. The tests are 100% safe both physically and mentally to the pups and, like with all of our services, we aim to pass our skills on to you. Call (636) 629-9969 for more info!
  4. DON’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? Feel free to ask! 




PGC is owned and operated by Jeff Goodall who attended both the Professionals and Masters Courses at Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers.